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Youth Service Project

Address: 3942 W North Ave

Chicago, IL 60647

Phone: 7737726270



YSP provides positive alternatives for youth in the neighborhood. Through a spectrum of enrichment opportunities, YSP meets youth’s needs while focusing on young people’s interests, assets and strengths. YSP works with youth rather than for youth, through program offerings in seven core areas: education, recreation, intervention, prevention, arts and culture, community building, and diversion.

Through our services, YSP works with youth and their families to overcome difficulties and stabilize lives. Our programs, focusing on community building, engage youth, their families and the community at large in activities that promote positive youth development.

Current programs:

“To The Moon” Art Program
An arts and culture education program that teaches the value and different mediums of arts as well as the importance of cultural identity and diversity.

Addiction Intervention Program
A harm-reduction program designed to help youth address issues related to triggers leading to social and legal problems stemming from drug and alcohol use/abuse.

Transitional Living Program
A comprehensive case management and housing program for female youth, ages 17½ – 21, who are in DCFS state care and are preparing to live independently after they emancipate from Illinois’ child welfare system.

Independent Living Program
A comprehensive case management and housing program for youth in DCFS state care, ages 19 – 21, who are preparing to live independently and have obtained their high school diploma, or its equivalent, and are working or attending higher education.

Crisis Intervention Program
A service for youth displaced from their homes due to family and legal crisis or conflicts, designed to stabilize, intervene, and enhance the family unit.

Clinical Services
Supportive and culturally-responsive individual, family, and group counseling utilizing art, talk, and behavioral therapies to assist youth in enhancing their strengths.

Youth Leadership Academy Program
A community-based youth-led leadership training and development program for Humboldt Park youth, ages 14 – 24.

Career & Workforce Development Program
Various career readiness programs for youth, ages 11 -24. Youth will have an opportunity to complete a part-time internship in various sectors of their career interest, explore careers, job readiness, and venture on high school, college, and trade school visits.

Anti-Bullying Program
A school-based program for middle school-aged youth, their parents, and teachers that aims to increase knowledge and provide strategies to decrease bullying behaviors, empower bystanders, and embolden victims to respond nonviolently to bullying.

Juvenile Justice Community Support Program
An intensive case management program for justice-involved youth, ages 12 – 18. Our model works closely with families and communities providing creative, empowering, and culturally rich services to disconnected and vulnerable youth.

Intake & Referral Process

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