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The Humboldt Park Portal aims to build a sense of community and connection among residents throughout Greater Humboldt Park by creating a digital space full of locally relevant information. More than just a source of information, the content of the Humboldt Park Portal comes directly from the people who live and work in the community, reporting on the issues and happenings that matter to them most.

The desire for a neighborhood digital space came from a process of community planning driven by the Humboldt Park New Communities Program Task Force – a group of over 60 local organizations, institutions, and residents working together to improve the lives of the Humboldt Park community. The group’s resultant Quality of Life Plan calls for a “sustainable and living Humboldt Park web-based resource guide…a central electronic bulletin board for organizations and individuals.”

An opportunity for the project’s implementation came through the Humboldt Park Smart Communities Program, a partnership of local organizations dedicated to bringing meaningful digital interaction to the lives of neighborhood residents. Members of the partnership held a number of community meetings, formed a steering committee, and guided the process of bringing the portal concept to fruition.

So, if you have news, events, directory listings, opinion, or anything else you would like to share with the community, please click Join at the on the home page to get started!


The Humboldt Park Portal is a web site that aims to build a sense of community and connection among residents throughout Greater Humboldt Park. The Portal is designed to give underserved residents a space where they can be both consumers and producers of information, using technology to celebrate and preserve the culture and heritage of Humboldt Park residents, and represent the community with affirming stories and images from the neighborhood.  The portal function as the primary source of information about events and activities designed to empower local residents.

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