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Treatment Alternatives for Safer Communities (TASC)

Address: 1500 N Halsted

Chicago, IL 60642

Phone: 8558272444


We help people overcome drug problems, other health conditions, and arrest histories. Through our advocacy and case management services, we show our clients that their past isn’t necessarily the path of their future, and that they can succeed in changing their lives.

Throughout Illinois, we work with men, women, and youth who are involved in courts, prisons, public health, and child welfare systems. We connect these government systems to services in the community.

Success through Case Management

TASC does not provide treatment, but instead we are independent advocates who place clients into community-based treatment programs and other services that will help them succeed. We also provide ongoing case management, often for many months or more.

People who receive TASC’s case management services are more successful—in terms of reduced drug use and reduced use of government programs—than those who don’t get TASC.

Our goal is to help adults and youth become healthy and responsible citizens and family members. Through our statewide team of care coordinators, we help our clients live up to the hopes they have for themselves and the promises they make to others.

Statewide Services and National Consulting

There are a number of TASC programs throughout the United States. The TASC model was introduced to Illinois in 1976, and we now reach nearly 29,000 people across the state annually.

Our partners include more than 240 community-based treatment providers across Illinois, along with numerous supporters at local, state, and national levels.

Also, through our Center for Health and Justice, we offer consulting, training, and broad-based public policy solutions nationally and internationally.