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The Westside Writing Project

Address: 1465 W Chicago Ave

Chicago, IL 60642

Phone: 3124985857

Position: Executive Director



The Westside Writing Project  (WWP) is a youth enrichment program that works to improve the overall communication skills of area youth by helping students develop an interest in media and journalism.

The mission of WWP is to provide positive youth development to young people ages 13-19 through the use of writing, digital media and journalism as tools for individual and community transformation.

WWP provides hands-on experience and increased exposure to various career fields available in media and journalism. We now offer various media related programs during school hours as well as after school, that provide a unique youth voice on issues facing not only our young people but our city and our nation as a whole.

At a time when texting is the most common form of writing for young people and the dominant image of urban youth is one of being “at risk” for violence, drugs and educational failure, WWP stands out as a powerful model for reaching and teaching our next generation of thinkers and doers.  At WWP we value:


  • Youth for who they are, where they are and supporting their personal development.
  • Writing and digital media as tools for teaching creativity, self-expression, civic voice and general communication skills.
  • “Leveling the playing field” by providing deep learning experiences and positive mentorship that enable youth to succeed.
  • Respect for self and community that is modeled by mentors and staff at WWP and that is instilled in youth participants, who in turn model it for their peers.