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TEECH Foundation

Address: 1750 W 103rd St

Chicago, IL 60643

Phone: 7739283933


The TEECH Foundation (Transforming, Educating, & Empowering Children and Humanity) is a not-for-profit community educational organization conceptualized to assist in the development of human potential through the vehicle of education. We embrace the philosophy, “If it’s to be, it’s up to me!”
The TEECH Foundation is striving to help individuals, regardless of race, ethnicity, or socio-economic status, realize that they are invaluable human beings with unlimited capabilites.
Programs developed by the TEECH Foundation include: Artists-In-Residence, where performing artists provide training for youth in dance, improvisational acting, and choral singing; The Dr. Floyd M. Banks Student Program, conceptualized to improve both student behavior and academic performance; The PARENT Program (People Acting Responsibly by Encouraging, Nurturing, and Teaching), where parents are provided with support and tools to assist them in the challenging job of successful childrearing; The Professional Renewal/Vocational Training Programs, geared for organizations, corporations, and businesses to improve work culture and climate, as well as employee productivity,, and the Recovery Support Services Programs, engineered to provide support to people in recovery from drugs or alcohol. Our goal with this program is to help people remain in recovery and become contributing citizens.
Last year, TEECH provided free services for over 1500 community members.  At risk youth participated in mentoring, tutoring, computer repair and upgrade, and performing arts programs helping them to improve their self esteem, self confidence, and academic achievement.  Adults who were returning veterans, who were unemployed and underemployed, in recovery from alcohol or substance abuse, or who were returning ex-offenders received vocational training and recovery support services.  Many of these clients started their own business or acquired employment as a result of these services.