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Rowe Elementary School

Address: 1424 N Cleaver

Chicago, IL 60642

Phone: 3124455870



Rowe Elementary School, operated by Northwestern University Settlement, prepares students to succeed in and graduate from college by cultivating the desire and expectation to go to college and delivering an academically rigorous curriculum infused with unique social and emotional programming, as led by Northwestern Settlement House.
We best serve our students and their families by instilling in them the college mindset — holistically preparing them to successfully navigate the road to college graduation.  We believe that our community is full of brilliant young people who, when provided an excellent education, are able to compete at colleges across the country.

Three goals encompass our mission and help us achieve our vision:

  • Cultivate the expectation and desire to go to college;
  • Deliver a rigorous academic instruction; and,
  • Provide social and emotional support to students and families.