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Positive Pathways of Chicago

Address: 1605 N. Keeler Ave.

Chicago, IL 60639

Phone: 5

Positive Pathways of Chicago is a 501 (c) (3) non-for-profit organization with a unique manufacturing based Industrial Relationship Training program that works to redevelop the relationship* and employability** skills of veterans and formerly incarcerated adults to secure meaningful and career-based employment.

Our goal then is to re-align these new skills to successfully manage the responsibilities and expectations of life-long employment and to be a positive and productive influence to assist their organizations effort of reducing scrap, rework, absenteeism, grievances and resistance to change.

For years employers have sounded off with deep frustrations that they cannot find enough “Good Workers.” Our Industrial Relationship Training works to meet those needs those “Good Employers” are searching for.

This program’s uniqueness is not specific to the manufacturing industry in that these principles apply to any industry where are people who work to some type of process and producing either a produce or service.

  1. Developing Your Ability to Lead and Follow *
  2. Team Building & Managing Change *
  3. Executing Growth & Good Relationships *
  4. Job Instruction **
  5. Job Methods **

** Training Within Industry program