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New Moms, Inc.

Address: 2845 W McLean Ave

Chicago, IL 60647

Phone: 7732523253



New Moms equips struggling, impoverished adolescent parents (aged 13-24) and their children with the personal and workforce development tools they will need, to permanently change their life stories from chronic dependence on society, to economic independence and family stability.

We offer a loving, safe and stable environment, while providing:

  • Individualized case management;
  • Supportive housing;
  • Career-readiness, parenting, life skills and literacy training; and
  • Age-appropriate children’s programming with routine screenings for signs of abuse and neglect.

Our Mission
The mission of New Moms, Inc. is to enable, empower and equip at-risk adolescent parents and their children through services and mentoring based on Christian values.

Our Vision
The vision of New Moms, Inc. is to be the model for an effective, efficient and enduring ministry that breaks the cycle of poverty among at-risk adolescent parents and their children.

Our Expertise
New Moms has over 30 years’ experience, specializing in outreach and services to what most consider an “unreachable” population– homeless and near-homeless adolescent parents (aged 13-24) and their children (birth-age 5).

Based in Chicago, our staff has the community network, collaborative relationships, experience, and culturally-competent outreach expertise that make them uniquely qualified to provide the assistance these high-risk families require.

We have a multi-cultural staff of 28:

  • 97% female
  • 13 Anglo
  • 14 African-American
  • 2 Hispanic
  • 7 speak Spanish
  • 8 live or have lived in our immediate community
  • 8 were themselves teen moms or children of teen moms.

New Moms is a 501(c)3 registered agency.