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Elevate Energy

Address: 322 S Green st Suite 300

Chicago, IL 60607

Phone: 7732694037



Our Mission: Help people do more with less energy

We design and implement efficiency programs that lower costs, protect the environment, and ensure the benefits of energy efficiency reach those who need them most. This “triple bottom line” approach—and the holistic solutions that result—makes us unique.

Walking the Walk

We’re all about smarter energy use for all, including ourselves.

  • Our first office was a 1920’s weaving factory, which we renovated to the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Platinum status in 2005, making it the second building in Chicago to achieve this level of designation. Our affiliate CNT still resides there.
  • Our second office space had a large paved lot that we tore up to create a rain garden that reduced runoff and created an oasis alongside our busy, gritty street.
  • We’ve won the citywide Bike to Work Week Challenge for 10 years in a row.
  • We recycle our paper, plastic, and glass, sure, but we even recycle our food scraps—which are extra tasty to our vermicomposting worms.
  • We were a top-10 finisher in the 2013 Chicago Green Office Challenge.