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Division Street Business Development Association

Address: 2459 W Division St

Chicago, IL 60622

Phone: 7737820454

Position: Executive Director



Our mission is the economic, social development and growth of “Paseo Boricua”, the heart of the Puerto Rican community in Chicago along Division Street west of Western Ave. In addition, we work to increase the capacity of individuals in the field of business and commerce who seek to enhance their participation in the economic structure of our community and the City of Chicago.

Our motto of “Development without Displacement” focuses on bringing new businesses and jobs that help to add to the evolving continuity of Paseo Boricua while introducing businesses that have been here for decades to a new generation.

Our guided tours are showcased on the homepage and our photo gallery gives you a colorful look at many of our annual events. We hope that these images and descriptions will make it very clear why you should visit Paseo Boricua!

DSBDA services help individuals navigate and apply for programs such as the Small Business Improvement Fund (SBIF) and business loan programs. Our Fast Trac to Business Planning classes for new entrepreneurs and existing businesses has helped to establish 8 new business in the past four years on Paseo Boricua.