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Chicago Community Loan Fund

Address: 29 E Madison St Suite 1700

Chicago, IL 60602

Phone: 3122520437

Position: Marketing Assistant



CCLF finances projects across metropolitan Chicago that revitalize neighborhoods, promise high positive social impact, incorporate sustainable design practices, and have the potential to leverage significant additional investments from other sources.

Since 1991, CCLF has cultivated our unique approach to lending. CCLF has the patience to remain committed to borrowers through lengthy public financing approval processes. We are willing to partner with small, midsize and emerging groups on their first projects, or to take on difficult or unorthodox projects.

CCLF goes to great lengths to ensure that the projects we support succeed, providing free and low-cost technical assistance throughout the life of the loan. CCLF’s equity requirements are flexible and our loan-to-value ratios are more generous than many other lenders, even other CDFIs.