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World AIDS Day: Erie Family Health Centers Reaches Highest Success Rate for HIV Program

World AIDS Day: Erie Family Health Centers Reaches Highest Success Rate for HIV Program

Erie Family Health CentersLending Hands for Life (LHL) program for people living with HIV/AIDS has reached its highest success rate in the history of the program, with 93.4% of patients achieving suppressed viral loads. By providing complete wraparound services, HIV primary care, medical and non-medical case management, PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis), behavioral health, laboratory services, and nutrition, as well as legal and housing resources, people living with HIV and high-risk HIV-negative individuals gain access to critical care and services which stabilize their needs and promote better health outcomes.

“Erie is recognized as having one of the best viral suppression rates in Illinois. As part of our HIV services, we surround individuals living with HIV with compassionate team-based care and services that are proven to achieve a high rate of viral suppression,” said Bridget Magner, manager of Erie’s LHL program.

The health outcomes of the Erie program demonstrate great progress in lowering the risk of transmitting the disease and contribute to the overall success rate of the city of Chicago and the state of Illinois’s initiative, Getting to Zero.

“Any person living with HIV in the Chicago area should come to Lending Hands for Life to receive HIV care. LHL has all the necessary resources, and the staff is respectful and speaks Spanish. At the clinic, I not only received HIV treatment, but also counseling and dental care. It’s a place where I feel safe and respected,” said an Erie LHL patient who, due to the sensitivity of his condition, chose to remain anonymous.

The Lending Hands for Life program is based at Erie Humboldt Park Health Center with a satellite clinic at the Erie Foster Avenue Health Center to provide patients in Chicago’s northern neighborhoods and nearby suburbs access to its HIV services.

Erie’s staff is bilingual Spanish and the providers are certified through the American Academy of HIV Medicine. To continue bringing awareness to this topic, Erie Family Health Centers will be hosting events to align with World AIDS Day and its 30th anniversary of the LHL Program. To learn more, visit www.eriefamilyhealth.org.