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State Representative Delia Ramirez Visits Association House

State Representative Delia Ramirez Visits Association House

Newly elected Illinois State Representative Delia Ramirez visited Association House on Tuesday (April 16) to hear first-hand about our impact on the community, while also detailing her experience and the work she is doing in Springfield.

Rep. Ramirez is from Humboldt Park, Chicago, the daughter of immigrant parents and the first Guatemalan-American to serve in the Illinois General Assembly. Prior to becoming Chicago’s 4th District representative, Rep. Ramirez served in social service and community organizations in our shared community.

During Rep. Ramirez’s meeting with AHC leadership, she engaged in an exploratory conversation of our programs, expanding on her knowledge of the services that impact the community and constituents she serves. Ramirez returned details about her work in Springfield, including serving on committees that align with the work of Association House and various other social service agencies.

After meeting with staff, Rep. Ramirez toured the facility learning about our Financial Careers Training Hall-of-Fame wall and how our programs have been impacted by our winter flood, while also interacting with participants.

We thank Rep. Ramirez for taking time out of her schedule to learn about how we serve our community. View images from the visit below.