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“Desalambrando, El Documental” – Film Screening

“Desalambrando, El Documental” – Film Screening

“Desalambrando, El Documental” – A film by Pedro Angel Rivera Muñoz

This hour long documentary, is based on the book “A Desalambrar” by Lilliana Cotto Morales, narrates a social struggle for housing and land that took place through out the Puerto Rican archipelago, challenging private property and government laws, while facing police violence.

Pedro Angel Rivera Muñoz is a distinguished teacher and award-winning filmmaker, will be present to introduce and discuss the film. In 2008, he produced the film, “Cuando Un Tiple. Sale A Cantar” – promoting the Chicago Puerto Rican Tiple Construction Workshop. He has also worked closely with the Puerto Rican Federation of Teachers in Puerto Rico. His work illustrates the struggle to end colonialism of Puerto Rico, his homeland.

Wednesday October 16, 2019 @ 6:00 p.m.
Location: San Lucas United Church of Christ
2914 West North Avenue Chicago, Illinois

Check out film trailer:

For more information, contact: (773) 227-5747  sanlucas2914@yahoo.com