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BUILD Inc offers holistic, integrated services for every child

BUILD Inc offers holistic, integrated services for every child

BUILD Inc. Humboldt Park Community Violence Support Services (CVSS) program 

Holistic, Integrated Services for Every Child Across the Board

BUILD’s Mental Health Program is designed to increase access to mental health care for young people impacted by violence and trauma and address behavioral and social determinants of health and health disparities.  Young people and families come to our clinical services with a range of mental and behavioral health issues, our clinicians help them address those issues, manage symptoms and develop effective coping skills, self-efficacy and resilience.   Our program is free and is not attached to billing insurance for services.  Our clinical program intentionally engages youth and families in long term healing.  Due to the lack of available options, BUILD Inc hopes to address mental health disparities on the West and Northwest Side.

Our CVSS program offers case management support.  Our Case Managers provide services to youth and families impacted by violence. Our case managers support community members and families in accessing resources that address issues such as: victim rights, victims compensation, criminal/civil/immigration court navigation, remote learning/internet access, relocation, housing issues etc.    Whether impacted by violence within a short or longer term period, needs and resources change when supporting a family impacted by violence.   We accompany our families in accessing resources and support in advocating for their rights.  Through these services BUILD Inc. attempts to address issues related to victims compensation/rights and other social determines that contribute to violence.

In addition, we are also offering presentations to parents (adolescent development, anxiety/depression among youth, grief, impact of violence, “know your rights”) in school or community spaces.  In doing so, we hope to spark conversation, increase emotional awareness, and address accessibility to mental health services.  With this foundation, we look forward to including restorative justice conversation and peace circles.

Please contact Nichole or Edwin at:
nicholelamorgese@buildchicago.org  or edwinmartinez@buildchicago.org

Phone number: 773-227-2880

All services are offered in English and Spanish.


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