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Better Together: Initiatives We Can Get Behind to Keep Our Roads Safe

Better Together: Initiatives We Can Get Behind to Keep Our Roads Safe

Most of us spend so much time on the roads, whether we’re driving to and from work or school, running errands or traveling. With countless hours behind the wheel each week, the safety of our community’s roads is incredibly important.

Keeping our community safe is much easier when we join together and make it happen as a team. There are so many great ways we can all step up to help make our roads a safer place to be! But where can we start? Check out these ideas we can get behind to help create an even safer community for ourselves and for others.

Rally for Bike Lanes

In many communities, the amount of traffic on the roads—particularly during rush hour—plays a huge role in the safety of driving. Whether it’s to avoid rush hour traffic, stay healthy, or lessen their carbon footprint, many people choose to ride their bike around town. This idea is awesome for many reasons, so as a community it’s important that we help make this option safer and more accessible altogether.

Many people would love to ride their bike to work, but because of the infrastructure of the roads it would be dangerous or simply not possible. Rallying for bike lanes or even bike paths a little further off the road is such a great idea, as it will encourage people to ride their bikes as well as help reassure them they’re making a safe choice.

Increase and Improve Public Transportation

Public transportation is such a great idea to help eliminate the number of cars—and thus car accidents—on the road. Many communities, however, don’t have great public transportation routes in place at all. The inconvenience and infrequency of transportation makes it difficult to utilize when you’re on a time crunch.

When you’re on your way to work or school, it’s a necessity that public transportation arrives on time. Increasing the number of buses as well as the number of routes could be huge in helping to lessen traffic and improve public transportation throughout your community.

Advocate for Ridesharing

Carpooling is another fantastic way to help get more cars off the road. You could consider gather your classmates or coworkers together to find out the part of town each person is in and create a few different carpool groups.

Using ridesharing apps is an awesome way to help keep your community safe. If you’re out with friends, make sure each person has a safe ride home, whether it’s with a designated driver or an Uber or Lyft to avoid any chances of reckless driving, such as DUI.

There are many different ways to help keep your community’s roads safe. As long as we work together to make a change, we’ll see huge improvements in our communities!