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Assisting Seniors to Live Independently

Assisting Seniors to Live Independently

Bickerdike’s service to the community extends beyond the confines of our buildings to other neighbors in need. For nearly four decades, Bickerdike has been providing home repair services to low-income senior citizens. Grants from the City as well as a private foundation enable our skilled staff to complete repairs and improvements.

The most requested services include the installation of new doors and storm windows and accessibility enhancements to make houses and apartments better equipped for seniors with mobility issues.

We carry out approximately 30 to 35 jobs each year, helping seniors by making it possible for them to remain in their own homes and reducing fears of housing instability and homelessness. They can live more independent lives, thereby increasing their quality of life

If you or someone you know would like to learn more, visit Bickerdike’s website or call 773.278.5669.