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Audio and Sound Design: A Storytelling Workshop with Yollocalli Arts Reach

Audio and Sound Design: A Storytelling Workshop with Yollocalli Arts Reach

As part of our Teen Summer Challenge, up to ten teens are invited for this interactive two-hour audio and sound design workshop with Yollocalli Arts Reach. Teens will learn about sound recording and editing, as well as story composition and narration. Each participant should walk away with the skills to develop, record and edit an audio story they can submit to Yollocalli’s Sudio Y youth-led program, Wattz Up! Radio Show broadcast on 105.5 FM Lumpen Radio Chicago.

Be sure to check out the subsequent recording and editing session with Yollocalli interns on July 22 from 12:30-2:30 (no registration is required for this drop-in opportunity).

This workshop will take place at 1605 N. Troy St. in YOUmedia.

This Python workshop will start from the very basics, assuming that you’ve never coded before. We’ll begin by learning about what a coding language is, how we can interact with out computers using it, and how we can control our computers to do what we want. From there, we’ll work our way through the basics of Python – learning about printing, variables, lists, and loops. This event is organized by Chicago.AnitaB.org and sponsored by Metis.

Cost: Free

Registrater here.

This FREE workshop provides the education and tools necessary to purchase and sustain a home in today’s market.

Topics include:

     · Home-ownership Readiness        · Shopping for a Home
· Managing your Money                   · Understanding Credit
· Protecting your Investment

At the end, participants will receive the HomeBuyer Education Certificate, a useful tool when applying for down payment assistance. NOTE: Must complete both parts (12 hours total) to be eligible to receive certificate.

WHEN: Saturday, November 18th
8:30am -3pm

WHERE: Center for Changing Lives
1955 N. Saint Louis Ave #101
Chicago, IL 60651

To Reserve your spot, please contact:
Imelda Rodriguez
773-342-6210 x 230

Mark your calandars for CCL’s next Financial Club on September 14th from 5:45 – 7:30 pm! This month’s topic: Smart Ways to Budget for the Holidays. There will be food and we will also be raffling out gift cards. This workshop is FREE.

To RSVP, please contact:
Vanessa Vaquerano
773-342-6210 x222
Taller de Finanzas: Presupestar para la Temporada de Fiestas

Marca tus calendarios para CCL’s proximo Club de Finanzas el 14 de noviembre de 5:45 – 7:30 pm. La tema de este mes: Presupuestar para la Temporada de Fiestas. Habrá comida y también rifas de tarjetas de regalo. Este taller es GRATIS.

Para reservar un puesto contacta a:
Vanessa Vaquerano
773-342-6210 x222



Instructor: James Papademas, Industry Professor and Graduate Advisor at the Illinois Institute of Technology

This tutorial provides an intermediate approach of the Python language. We’ll cover data centric approaches to build exciting and data driven apps quickly, efficiently and with effective formattable display options including graphical output! Topics include lists, dictionaries, iterators, lambdas, file IO (formats: csv, json), data visualizations, and web APIs. This event is hosted by Arity, sponsored by Allstate and organized by ABI.Chicago. This workshop is designed for people with two or more years of Python exp.

Instructor: Darryl Hughes, CEO of Hughes Who Productions, LLC

Through this drawing intensive course, students acquire an understanding of figurative human emotions and movements, enabling them to create believable animation. Students will create model sheets, describe & refine character attributes, and learn how to endow their characters with human traits & actions. Pencil testing allows the refinement of movement and expressions with final images shot digitally. This event is hosted by DePaul University’s CDM department.

Workshop is FREE!

Instructor: Tina Marie Johnson, Illustrator & Author 
Students will learn how to use Adobe Illustrator software tools to create cool high-quality images, illustrations, logos and more. Whether it is their own creation or to in enhance the ideas of others, students will have fun, learn Adobe Illustrator as a beginner, create an art board and design. This event is hosted by DePaul University’s CDM department.
Workshop is FREE!

Presenter: Jeanne Lambin

Learn to craft powerful, persuasive, and compelling presentations in this fun, interactive, workshop. Drawing on her background in improvisation and storytelling, acclaimed presenter & educator, Jeanne will show you specific strategies to improve your public speaking. This event is hosted by Signal Chicago.


This workshop is an Intro to Ruby where you will learn the basics. Learn why this language is a market leader in technology and participate in a fun exercise. This event is organized by ABI.Chicago and sponsored by HS2 Solutions.


Dmitry Rozental has deep experience in the Information Technology industry including coding,
software development, software design, system architecture, unit testing, reporting and documentation,
team leadership and mentoring, and project management.


Courtney Braafhart is a passionate developer of 14 years. She began learning how to program games on the DOS prompt.
After college, she went to work for the State of Nebraska where she had her first taste of normalizing databases and Ruby on Rails.
Recently she has been writing web services that utilize hypermedia standards.
As of late her favorite way to program is using the software development technique, MobProgramming.

Brian Kosik started off in the C++ world in college while completing his BS in Computer Engineering.
He learned PHP and Ruby on Rails during an internship and has been working with Ruby on Rails ever since.
Brian loves to learn and try new languages & strategies that that are continually being developed in the industry.

Class Prep:
Students can use/download the following in advance of the workshop:
– An in-browser ruby environment which does not require any preliminary setup

Install Ruby on your computers:
– For Windows, download and run RubyInstaller
– Most of the latest versions of OSX already come with Ruby 2.0 installed

To write code, use your favorite text editor. Here are a couple of recommendations:
Sublime Text 3