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Learn A Language Series: Intro to Data Science

Learn A Language Series: Intro to Data Science

Advancements in machine learning algorithms and ever growing data sets are making easier to tease out complicated relationships in data using programming and statistics.  In this crash course into data science, we’ll explore the techniques used by data scientists to convert raw data into action!  We’ll cover definitions, data science tools, data ingestion, data processing, data exploration and end with some simple modeling. ABI.Chicago is a Community Partner of Techweek. This event is sponsored by UPTAKE and is open to the public. (Capacity will be limited to 50 people).
Instructor: Manny Bernabe, Data Science Lead, UPTAKE
Tech Needs –

Students should download the following:

Join us for an interactive panel discussion on how technology is revolutionizing numerous industries relating to real estate. They will talk about prefab materials, drones, virtual reality, videos, and much more. Listen to experts in the real estate industry present information on how things have changed, the current trends, and what lies ahead. ABI.Chicago is a Community Partner of Techweek. This event is sponsored by mHUB and is open to the public.
Moderator: La’Shon Anthony, Community Leader of ABI.Chicago
Hilda Espinal, Chief Technology Officer, CannonDesign
Nicole Faust Konsler, Training and Transition Manager, @properties
Troy Walsh, Founder, Drone Media Chicago

This workshop is an Intro to Ruby where you will learn the basics. Learn why this language is a market leader in technology and participate in a fun exercise. This event is organized by ABI.Chicago and sponsored by HS2 Solutions.


Dmitry Rozental has deep experience in the Information Technology industry including coding,
software development, software design, system architecture, unit testing, reporting and documentation,
team leadership and mentoring, and project management.


Courtney Braafhart is a passionate developer of 14 years. She began learning how to program games on the DOS prompt.
After college, she went to work for the State of Nebraska where she had her first taste of normalizing databases and Ruby on Rails.
Recently she has been writing web services that utilize hypermedia standards.
As of late her favorite way to program is using the software development technique, MobProgramming.

Brian Kosik started off in the C++ world in college while completing his BS in Computer Engineering.
He learned PHP and Ruby on Rails during an internship and has been working with Ruby on Rails ever since.
Brian loves to learn and try new languages & strategies that that are continually being developed in the industry.

Class Prep:
Students can use/download the following in advance of the workshop:
– An in-browser ruby environment which does not require any preliminary setup

Install Ruby on your computers:
– For Windows, download and run RubyInstaller
– Most of the latest versions of OSX already come with Ruby 2.0 installed

To write code, use your favorite text editor. Here are a couple of recommendations:
Sublime Text 3