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Engaging The Future of Urban Cities and Self-Driving Cars

Engaging The Future of Urban Cities and Self-Driving Cars

As the concept of self-driving vehicles continue to make headlines before making its way to the public for vast manufacturing many urban cities, Chicago included, are seeking answers about the development of the technology in self-driving cars and the future of the infrastructure for urban locations.

Many scientists and developers of the autonomous vehicle industry remain confident about the way the driving experience will be revolutionized. The nature of the driver experience will essentially take the responsibility out of the hands of the “traditional” driver and put this type of commitment into the trust of a machine. Although this seems like a great way to relax behind the wheel; many people are turning to experts in other industries to seek answers about questions that are beginning to arise.

Questions such as “Will self-driving cars be programmed to make moral decisions?”, “How will the morality of self-driving cars be legislated?”, and “How much control should be given to a machine?” are just a few making headlines. Researchers and concerned families can find answers by visiting, self-driving car resources, Forbes, and Science Magazine.

With such questions being raised, many drivers are wondering what to expect. Director of MIT Senseable City Lab predicts that newer technology may also forecast fewer vehicles on the road making transportation shorter in vast urban areas. With this taken into consideration, many are hopeful that the additional use of land could become use for more social and public spaces that were once used for vehicles such as parking lots and other auto related spaces.

Although this could be a hopeful future of the forecast of technology, there are others who argue that transportation could be less desirable for people within urban atmospheres, like Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles.

Overall, there are many opinions and families that dwell within highly populated areas are going to become more concerned as the concept of autonomous vehicles make it closer to the mainstream market. For those interested in the technology and development of self-driving cars, it is important to conduct research and be aware of your safety and the safety of others as we experience technology revolutionize the auto industry once again.