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Empower 3,600 Girls With Girls in the Game

Empower 3,600 Girls With Girls in the Game

Every year, Girls in the Game impacts more than 3,600 girls by helping them find their voice through sports, health and leadership activities. This October 11, celebrate all that Girls in the Game does to empower girls by participating in The International Day of the Girl Child. Along with the UN and many international organizations, Girls in the Game will be drawing attention to the work they do to strengthen girls, help them discover their voices and create the leaders of tomorrow.

Help Girls in the Game create more leaders and gamechangers this year. Girls in the Game has empowered over 40,000 girls since 1996, and will support thousands more this year.

Just last year, Girls in the Game proved how much stronger girls are after participating in their programs:

76% of girls demonstrated significant increases in GRIT (perseverance & determination)

88% of girls supported using non-violent strategies in a conflict

91% of teens improved their body image

“Sometimes, it is difficult to find the confidence to break the stereotypes that tell us it is harder for a girl to beat the odds. Girls in the Game serves as proof that it can be done. For over two decades it has reached out to young girls, welcoming anyone who wants to join and has taught us to cultivate the perfect character needed to succeed despite any struggles,” -Mily, Girls in the Game Alumna

You can help girls like Mily to be confident, to breakdown gender stereotypes and to become a gamechanger in their communities. Make a gift today.

My heart & prayers go out to the residents of Mexico City & Puerto Rico affected by the recent earthquake & Hurricance Maria. Both events happened within hours of each other. Their relatives & friends living here, and in other US cities, are frantic trying to get information to find out if they are okay. In Mexico, over 200 people are dead as a result of the earthquake. Puerto Rico is suffering from a second storm beating in just two weeks, two-thirds of the city is affected, and 10,000 people are in shelters now. Money and donations will be needed for restoration, families and many other city issues. Now it the time for unity!

If you want information on Mexico, call:

  • The Center for Information and Assistance for Mexicans (CIAM) at 1-855-463-6395 and the line is open 24 hours a day.
  • The Consulate General of Mexico at 855-463-6395. Open 24/7.

In regard to Puerto Rico, people can call:

  • The Puerto Rico Tourism Company at 877-976-2400.
  • The Emergency Management Agency at 340-773-2244 or 340-774-2244.

For live video updates, consider watching MSNBC Live or CNN Live.