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IT Club presents Coding Dojo

IT Club presents Coding Dojo

Join us for a monthly talk on technology. This month, we are excited to have Michelle Peoples, Chicago Community Manager for Coding Dojo, as our first speaker. If you’re interested in learning more about coding, what Coding Dojo does, and how you can become enrolled, then you should join us on the 23rd!

This event is free. To RSVP, contact Vanessa 773-342-6210 x 222 or email vista@cclconnect.org

Advancements in machine learning algorithms and ever growing data sets are making easier to tease out complicated relationships in data using programming and statistics.  In this crash course into data science, we’ll explore the techniques used by data scientists to convert raw data into action!  We’ll cover definitions, data science tools, data ingestion, data processing, data exploration and end with some simple modeling. ABI.Chicago is a Community Partner of Techweek. This event is sponsored by UPTAKE and is open to the public. (Capacity will be limited to 50 people).
Instructor: Manny Bernabe, Data Science Lead, UPTAKE
Tech Needs –

Students should download the following: