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Reason to Get Fit!

Reason to Get Fit!

Join us this summer for Reason to Get Fit! A bilingual fitness program for beginners, instructions will be given in both Spanish and English. Everybody is welcome to join at any time during the summer. We will hit the park for cardio, yoga, strength training, and more of what you love.

Where: Humboldt Park (at the corner of Division and California)  If weather is bad please meet us at 2701 W Thomas St, 2nd Floor

When: Every Tuesday at 6:00pm- 7:30pm (No class July 4th, meet July 6th, 6pm. No class August 1st)

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Classes are free. Join anytime. No registration needed.

Contact us for more information and questions at:                                                                   

Email: shannon@reasontogive.com                                                                                      

Phone: (773) 489-3439  

Website: www.reasontogive.com                                                                                                         

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