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diversiTECH Hiring Fair

diversiTECH Hiring Fair

Chicago.AnitaB.org is organizing its third Hiring Fair with tech-focused, web- or mobile-based companies. There will be on-site interviews, a panel discussion, breakout sessions, resume critiques, and interview prep. And whether you’re looking for a new career, an internship, a team member or a Co-Founder, they’re planning for your success with this event. Men are welcome too.

Sponsor: Bosch

This Python workshop will start from the very basics, assuming that you’ve never coded before. We’ll begin by learning about what a coding language is, how we can interact with out computers using it, and how we can control our computers to do what we want. From there, we’ll work our way through the basics of Python – learning about printing, variables, lists, and loops. This event is organized by Chicago.AnitaB.org and sponsored by Metis.

Cost: Free

Registrater here.