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Determination + Adaptability = Survival + Success

Determination + Adaptability = Survival + Success

The warehouse was electrified by the anticipation of a bright future, the pride in hard work accomplished, and the delight of being in the spotlight as Greater West Town’s Shipping & Receiving students gathered for graduation.  Staff member Agustin Jaramillo made the extra effort to arrange technology to allow family members to participate virtually from home.  This allowed some families to attend from as far away as Florida.  Emcee William Molina called the on-screen and in-person audience to order.  The twelve graduates gave speeches and accepted their program certificates, OSHA 10-hour cards, forklift certifications, and celebrated the successful completion of 12 weeks of intensive training!  They are prepared to enter careers in a field that has kept supply chains moving and been a big part of company and individual’s survival during this difficult year.

The day was a particular victory for one young graduate, Harrison, who had previously enrolled in the program and would have graduated in October 2020.  Due to poor attendance and performance at the time, he dropped out.  But Harrison returned for the January 2021 class, and with much coaching, accountability, and tough love, he was among the delighted graduates on April 15th.  Less than three weeks later, Harrison has secured a job offer at a local candy and nut manufacturer and started orientation for his new job.  Eleven of the graduates have already entered full-time employment in the field of warehousing and logistics, with a job offer pending for the twelfth – a smashing success!!!

If you, like Harrison, have the determination – despite the pandemic, despite circumstances, despite false starts – to do what it takes, shaping yourself into an effective worker in the emerging economy and getting equipped with up-dated skills to compete in the current job market, give Greater West Town a call!  We’re currently enrolling students for our Wood Products Manufacturing class to start in May, and we’ll start the next Shipping & Receiving class in July.  Members of the current woodworking class, which graduates this week,  are juggling multiple interviews and job offers.  Industry is humming…how about you?

For information:  Call 312-563-9570; Email training@gwtp.edu; Visit our website. Apply here.