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diversiTECH Hiring Fair

diversiTECH Hiring Fair

Chicago.AnitaB.org is organizing its third Hiring Fair with tech-focused, web- or mobile-based companies. There will be on-site interviews, a panel discussion, breakout sessions, resume critiques, and interview prep. And whether you’re looking for a new career, an internship, a team member or a Co-Founder, they’re planning for your success with this event. Men are welcome too.

Sponsor: Bosch

Instructor: James Papademas, Industry Professor and Graduate Advisor at the Illinois Institute of Technology

This tutorial provides an intermediate approach of the Python language. We’ll cover data centric approaches to build exciting and data driven apps quickly, efficiently and with effective formattable display options including graphical output! Topics include lists, dictionaries, iterators, lambdas, file IO (formats: csv, json), data visualizations, and web APIs. This event is hosted by Arity, sponsored by Allstate and organized by ABI.Chicago. This workshop is designed for people with two or more years of Python exp.

Moderator: LaShon Anthony
Panelists: TBD
Join us to watch the movie and then participate in a discussion afterwards. Network with others in the life science, biomedical, and medtech communities too. This is also a fundraiser for the Henrietta Lacks Foundation. Dinner and beverages are included in the ticket price. This event is hosted by mHUB and organized by ABI.Chicago & CTI Chicago, our partner.

Join ABI.Chicago & The Founder Institute for great networking at this Summer Social. Arrive within the first hour to benefit from the appetizers and happy hour drink specials. Meet local entrepreneurs and technology CEOs, and share your business ideas and aspirations with like-minded peers. There will also be mentors and graduates in attendance.

Instructor: A’darah Jackson, Lead Visual Branding Strategist, Queensview Creative Studios

Are you running a small business, starting a blog, or trying to rebrand your social media? This class is for you! Learn how using your smartphone device can jumpstart your project and keep you in alignment with high quality. Learn everything from lighting, to angles, and how to take self portraits. Find out how you can turn your passion into cash in this digital media class! This class is hosted by the Coleman Entrepreneurship Center and organized by ABI.Chicago.


Pamela Quintero – Sr. Manager, Marketing Strategy, Alliant Credit Union


Florence Hardy – CEO, TruCrowd

Palak Jain – Lead Software Engineer, PEAK6

Nicole Frapolly – Manager of Data Services, Enova

Since 2010, more than $24 billion has been invested in fintech startups worldwide. Chicago is expanding as a center of innovation in financial services and technology. According to Deloitte Consulting’s Interim Hub Review this year, Chicago ranked at #5 out of 44 Global FinTech Hubs. Join this expert panel as they talk about their ever-changing technology processes and how the rate of investment in financial technology is growing by 45% annually. Listen to representatives from the brokerage, equity crowdfunding, lending, and the financial reporting industries. A Q&A session will follow. Appetizers and beverages will be provided. This event is hosted by Morningstar and organized by ABI.Chicago.

Instructor: Darryl Hughes, CEO of Hughes Who Productions, LLC

Through this drawing intensive course, students acquire an understanding of figurative human emotions and movements, enabling them to create believable animation. Students will create model sheets, describe & refine character attributes, and learn how to endow their characters with human traits & actions. Pencil testing allows the refinement of movement and expressions with final images shot digitally. This event is hosted by DePaul University’s CDM department.

Workshop is FREE!

Instructor: Tina Marie Johnson, Illustrator & Author 
Students will learn how to use Adobe Illustrator software tools to create cool high-quality images, illustrations, logos and more. Whether it is their own creation or to in enhance the ideas of others, students will have fun, learn Adobe Illustrator as a beginner, create an art board and design. This event is hosted by DePaul University’s CDM department.
Workshop is FREE!

Presenter: Jeanne Lambin

Learn to craft powerful, persuasive, and compelling presentations in this fun, interactive, workshop. Drawing on her background in improvisation and storytelling, acclaimed presenter & educator, Jeanne will show you specific strategies to improve your public speaking. This event is hosted by Signal Chicago.


Advancements in machine learning algorithms and ever growing data sets are making easier to tease out complicated relationships in data using programming and statistics.  In this crash course into data science, we’ll explore the techniques used by data scientists to convert raw data into action!  We’ll cover definitions, data science tools, data ingestion, data processing, data exploration and end with some simple modeling. ABI.Chicago is a Community Partner of Techweek. This event is sponsored by UPTAKE and is open to the public. (Capacity will be limited to 50 people).
Instructor: Manny Bernabe, Data Science Lead, UPTAKE
Tech Needs –

Students should download the following: