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Local CPS Transfer Students Invited to Enroll at Rowe-Clark Math & Science Academy

Local CPS Transfer Students Invited to Enroll at Rowe-Clark Math & Science Academy

Space remains for ninth, eleventh and twelfth grade high school students within the Chicago Public School district to claim an open seat at Rowe-Clark Math & Science Academy, one of the Noble Network of Charter Schools’ 17 campuses across Chicago. Noble schools are public schools, open to any student in Chicago, with no testing required for admission, and just like all CPS schools, they charge no tuition.

U.S. News & World Report recently recognized nine Noble high schools in the top 100 of Illinois, plus eight of the top 25 in all of CPS. Chicago Magazine named Noble schools as 13 of the top 40 high schools in the city and the Niche research group named all 17 Noble high schools to their list of the top 30 charter schools in Illinois.

This fall, all Noble students will have access to technology for their homes to be ready for remote learning. To help overcome the digital divide in so many Chicago households throughout CPS, all 12,000 Noble students will have received access to personal technology. All students will have a Chromebook to utilize as their own 1:1 device, and students that have expressed a need for home Wi-Fi will receive a hotspot for educational use.

“We reallocated a sizable portion of our operational budget toward technology purchases for our students to maximize their potential for successful remote learning,” said Mike Madden, Chief Operating Officer for Noble. “Our students’ health and safety comes first, but fostering an environment for academic excellence follows closely behind, so as our network’s theme states this fall, we believe we are indeed ready for remote learning.”

Hundreds of Noble’s parents, students, teachers, and staff shared their ideas and feedback for successful remote learning. A clear and succinct outline of Noble’s #ReadyForRemote plan is available at www.NobleSchools.org.

“This plan will allow us to prioritize a commitment to health and safety for our students, teachers, and staff, while continuing our focus on academic results and social-emotional support,” said Constance Jones, CEO of Noble. “There is no doubt this school year will be a historic one. We prepare for the launch of school while a pandemic has changed every aspect of our lives, while our city grapples with the legacy and reality of systemic racism and while we reaffirm, loudly, Black lives matter. Amidst all of this, I have never been more confident for our community to meet the moment.”

For interested students and their families, please visit www.NobleSchools.org and click on the Enroll tab.