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27th of August 2010

Youth Learn Technology, and Something More

First Digital Youth Summer Jobs program inspires success!

19th of August 2010

The 411 on 311

Have you ever wondered how to get a tree trimmed in your parkway? Replace a broken trash bin in your alley? Get graffiti removed from a nearby garage? The answer is the same to these and many other questions that challenge us day to day: The City’s 311 service.

17th of August 2010

‘Green’ Rosa Parks Apartments featured in ChicagoArchitect Magazine

A new era in affordable housing includes the Rosa Parks Homes

16th of August 2010

Westside Writing Project: Interview with Ondelee Perteet

Last year Ondelee Perteet’s entire world was turned on it’s head. When trying to end a conflict at a party, his whole life was altered within a blink of the eye.

A Year in Humboldt Park

A new exhibit at the Boathouse shows photos of the park in all seasons

15th of August 2010

Interview with Coach Morgan

Westside Writing Project participant and former Ryerson student, Anthony Nix, interviews girls basketball coach Mr. Morgan to discuss his team’s successful season as well as the importance of athletics to girls in the West Humboldt Park community.

Anthony has been a part of WWP for three years since he was in 6th grade. He has written articles relating to domestic violence as well as other social ills such as the effects that neighborhood violence and drug activity have on the youth. He has also learned the basis of operating a videocamera as well as how to produce his own video podcasts.

13th of August 2010

Photos From The Block

View images from the recent B’Ball on the Block event at Association House.  These pictures were taken by some of the youth participating in the event.

Grants for Humboldt Park Small Businesses

The City of Chicago has local grants for local firms to repair or remodel their facilities

Learn Computer Skills at Association House

A new course offers computer repair and test taking skills to pass college level tests

12th of August 2010

B-Ball on the Block

B-Ball on the Block is a community initiative where youth come and enjoy games of basketball on beautiful summer days. For three years, on six Friday afternoons, different blocks in both East and West Humboldt Park transform into safe places where young people come and enjoy themselves in a positive environment.