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How to raise awareness for safer driving in your community

How to raise awareness for safer driving in your community

Every year, thousands of motorists and passengers are injured or killed in preventable accidents. Some of the primary contributing factors in today’s accidents involve a distracted, fatigued, or reckless driver. A substantial amount of accidents are a direct result of human error, but that doesn’t mean those types of accidents need to continue.

You don’t need to be involved in an accident or even lose someone you care about to care about safer driving in your community. Driving accidents can affect a whole community; here are some ways to get involved and raise awareness for safer driving.

Report Dangerous Drivers

Have you ever noticed a commercial truck driver swerving in and out of lanes on the highway or a young driver unlawfully texting while driving? You may feel like it’s not your place to intervene or maybe you aren’t sure if you would be of any help.

Reporting a dangerous driver can help to keep the driver, as well as other motorists, safer. The drivers may never be caught, and they might continue driving recklessly, but you’ll never know until you try.

Take commercial truck drivers, for example. A majority of them are dedicated to safety, but they might be stressed or tired while driving and make some poor decisions. If you notice a number on the back of the truck, call it and report the driver to the company. Otherwise, you can dial 9-1-1. Just make sure that you are adhering to your state’s traffic laws; it’s best to pull over safely to make a phone call.

Help Educate Young and Mature Drivers

Newly licensed teen drivers are some of the most inexperienced on the road, and they are more likely to get in an accident. If you have a teen driver, take the time to have an honest discussion about what your expectations are when he or she is driving.

Many teen drivers are smarter and safer if they are on the “same page” as their parents. Consider signing a pledge against distracted driving with your teen. One of the most effective things you can do is lead by example.

While teens have a reputation for being careless and taking risks, they are not the only demographic who could use a little extra help behind the wheel.

The aging population is more likely to be in an accident due to vision issues, slow reaction times, and other factors. If you have an elderly loved one who is still driving but may begin to have some issues behind the wheel, check out educational programs for seniors or talk with his or her doctor.

 Attend Community Events or City Council Meetings

The best way to raise awareness about issues like safe driving is to attend as many events as you can in your community or even attend a city council (or town hall) meeting.

Start an awareness page on social media, join a group that advocates for safe driving, put up yard signs that encourage drivers to be safe. Anything you can do to raise awareness, do it. If there are no events in your community, take action and take the lead for safer driving.