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Film Screening: Ella es el matador (She is the Matador)

Film Screening: Ella es el matador (She is the Matador)

For Spaniards — and for the world — nothing has expressed their country’s traditionally rigid gender roles more powerfully than the image of the male matador. So sacred was the bullfighter’s masculinity to Spanish identity that a 1908 law barred women from the sport. Ella Es el Matador reveals the surprising history of the women who made such a law necessary and offers fascinating profiles of two female matadors currently in the arena: the acclaimed Mari Paz Vega and neophyte Eva Florencia. These women are gender pioneers by necessity. But what emerges as their truest motivation is their sheer passion — for bullfighting and the pursuit of a dream.

Running time: 62 minutes

Moderator: LaShon Anthony
Panelists: TBD
Join us to watch the movie and then participate in a discussion afterwards. Network with others in the life science, biomedical, and medtech communities too. This is also a fundraiser for the Henrietta Lacks Foundation. Dinner and beverages are included in the ticket price. This event is hosted by mHUB and organized by ABI.Chicago & CTI Chicago, our partner.