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Prayers and Assistance are Needed for our Hispanic Residents

Prayers and Assistance are Needed for our Hispanic Residents

My heart & prayers go out to the residents of Mexico City & Puerto Rico affected by the recent earthquake & Hurricance Maria. Both events happened within hours of each other. Their relatives & friends living here, and in other US cities, are frantic trying to get information to find out if they are okay. In Mexico, over 200 people are dead as a result of the earthquake. Puerto Rico is suffering from a second storm beating in just two weeks, two-thirds of the city is affected, and 10,000 people are in shelters now. Money and donations will be needed for restoration, families and many other city issues. Now it the time for unity!

If you want information on Mexico, call:

  • The Center for Information and Assistance for Mexicans (CIAM) at 1-855-463-6395 and the line is open 24 hours a day.
  • The Consulate General of Mexico at 855-463-6395. Open 24/7.

In regard to Puerto Rico, people can call:

  • The Puerto Rico Tourism Company at 877-976-2400.
  • The Emergency Management Agency at 340-773-2244 or 340-774-2244.

For live video updates, consider watching MSNBC Live or CNN Live.