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‘Light The Night’ Community Easter Egg Hunt

‘Light The Night’ Community Easter Egg Hunt

*Free Entrance
*8,000 Eggs
*Multiple Age Groups
*Glow In The Dark
*Pictures with the Easter Bunny

Register at Eventbrite.

This Mother’s Day weekend, join OM for a fun Community Celebration!

Featuring family-friendly activities, tasty food, free drinks, and much more.

Drop in anytime for:

  • Fun Family “BaZumba!”
  • Serenades to Mom!
  • A mini Mom-Themed Obstacle Course!
And much more! Fun for everyone (with or without Mom)!
Find out more: http://operamatic.eventbrite.com

¡Celebración Gratis para el Día de la Madre!
¡Has algo ÚNICO esta fin de semana del DíA DE LA MADRE!
Con actividades para toda la familia, comida sabrosa, bebidas gratis y mucho más.
Puedes llegar en cualquier momento para:
  • ¡Payasos en Familia “BaZumba!”
  • ¡Serenatas a mamá!
  • ¡Carrera de obstáculos con el tema de las Mamás!
¡Y mucho más!
¡Ten en cuenta que este evento es divertido para todos, con o sin mamá!

Opera-Matic’s next Community Obstacle Course is happening this SATURDAY, November 11th from 5-7pm at Mozart Park (2036 N Avers).

Hang outside by the fire while enjoying free hotdogs and hot apple cider, or join us inside the Field House for beautiful music, illuminated objects, and an interactive obstacle course unlike any other! Plus shadow puppets, crafts, and more!

This FREE event is for all ages. Visit opera-matic.org for more information.

***¡Es una Carrera de Obstáculos Comunidad! Sábado Nov. 11, 5 – 7 pm, 2036 N Avers

  • Excursiones guiadas para grupos por la carrera obstáculos
  • ¡Terminando con un final musical divertido!
  • ¡Come hot dogs y toma sidra!
  • Musicales en vivo, anfitriones de payasos, y objetos iluminados2017 trae alegrías y desafíos, oportunidades y obstáculos. Únete a Opera-Matic para “divertirse juntos”. Conócenos en el parque para un divertido circuito de obstáculos al aire libre, acompañado de bandas sonoras

Parents know the struggle of keeping their child’s activities and information organized. Often, it even seems like our kids’ schedules are just as much complex as our own. For families with children with special needs, this complexity can seem elevated.

Although this rings truth, there has been a new tool for parents and caregivers. This free resource allows caregivers and families the ability to now plan their child’s day. From scheduling their daily event, logging meals, recording medications, games, and activities, and even uploading emergency contact information; this resource provides everyone with the piece of mind the need. This interactive planner is changing the every day lives for parents, caregivers, and children. To take advantage of this resource, be sure to check out the link here.