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Sabin Dual Magnet School is Lovin’ it at McTeacher’s Night

Sabin Dual Magnet School is Lovin’ it at McTeacher’s Night

On Thursday, March 22nd, the McDonald’s restaurant at 1951 N Western Avenue was taken over by Sabin teachers and administrative staff excited to serve freshly prepared meals to students and their families. Teachers handed out orders, cleaned tables, made ice cream treats, served drinks, and even dressed up in an Apple Pie costume. Principal Kasper-Couty and Assistant Principal Montes were also both in attendance and enjoyed the evening.

The Sabin staff and students worked hard selling delicious apple pies all night and had a blast. Demani Zamora, Prince Brisbon, Joe Lazio, Myla Landor, Natalie Mazurek and many more kids and staff from Sabin took turns in the Apple Pie Costume. Sabin Alumni Julitza Guzman sold pies the entire night. What a great community the Sabin families are.

Added to this night of FUNdraising was a special performance in the restaurant from Sabin Cheerleaders. After they performed in the restaurant they went outside and did some amazing stunts. The funds earned from the Pie sales and the families meal sales will go directly to purchase equipment for the playground.

A special thank you goes to teacher Natalie Mazurek, who organized the event as well as everyone who worked and attended.

The McTeacher’s Night was courtesy of the Chicago McDonald’s Owner/Operators, Carmen and John DeCarrier. Please like their Facebook page.

For more information about events provided by the Chicago McDonald’s contact Community Relations Director Julie Travers at Julie.travers@comcast.net

For information on sending your child to Sabin visit their website.