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28th of December 2018

Lessons Learned from Email Marketing

As we wind down 2018 in preparation for 2019, there is no doubt in my mind that you are in the process of thanking donors, identifying new prospects, reaching out to your clients and community. As you solidify your marketing and outreach strategies for 2019, I thought you might find Alexie Ward’s article, Our 9 Biggest […]

29th of November 2018

World AIDS Day: Erie Family Health Centers Reaches Highest Success Rate for HIV Program

Erie Family Health Centers’ Lending Hands for Life (LHL) program for people living with HIV/AIDS has reached its highest success rate in the history of the program, with 93.4% of patients achieving suppressed viral loads. By providing complete wraparound services, HIV primary care, medical and non-medical case management, PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis), behavioral health, laboratory services, […]

9th of October 2018

Nonprofit Utopia Podcast Episode 3: Justice Informed

Xavier Ramey, the CEO and Lead Strategist for Justice Informed, LLC, will be a guest on the Nonprofit Utopia podcast on Monday, October 8, 2018, from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., CST. The Nonprofit Utopia podcast is an online forum where nonprofit stakeholders can discuss the latest developments in the sector and increase their capacity […]

Making the Case for Support in Times of Change

Writing a compelling case for support is not always as easy as it seems.  In Case Development 201, Communications Consultant Andrew Brommel writes “an organization’s case for support is ultimately ‘your message to your donors—why should they give to your organization?’” In this day and age of increased competition for fewer dollars, a nonprofit’s answer […]

4th of October 2018

Look Before You Leap: 5 Things You Must Do Before Joining That Board of Directors

You  have just been invited to join a board of directors of one of the hottest local nonprofits in the city.  What should you do before accepting? Do some self-reflection. Being a member of a board is serious business.  Unlike other volunteer assignments, being a board member carries with it fiduciary responsibilities. As such, the board […]

2nd of October 2018

Ark Productions Announces the World Premiere of The Law of Moises

Ark Productions and Questar Entertainment are proud to announce the World Premiere of The Law of Moises, a  family adventure film starring Nic Caruccio, Aaron Fotheringham, Yeniffer Behrens, Billy Dec and directed by Crystal Barnes. Logline: A troubled young filmmaker desperate to escape his small town discovers his destiny is to save it. The Law […]

17th of September 2018

Big Impact: Insights and Stories

Vivien Hoexter and Linda C. Hartley, principals of H2Growth Strategies LLC, will be guests on the Nonprofit Utopia podcast on Monday, on Monday, September 24, 2018, from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., CST.  The Nonprofit Utopia podcast is an online forum where nonprofit stakeholders can discuss the latest developments in the sector and increase their […]

6th of September 2018

September is Compliance Month in the Nonprofit Utopia Community

September is Compliance Month for the Nonprofit Utopia community. In the runup to #GivingTuesday, we want to make sure that no member of Nonprofit Utopia is in a position in which his/her organization has successfully executed a year-end social media fundraising campaign, but can’t collect because their paperwork is not in order.  We are devoting the month […]

22nd of August 2018

Nonprofit Utopia is Committed to Helping Our Members Succeed on #GivingTuesday

We Will Answer Your Questions The Nonprofit Utopia community is totally committed to your success in developing and implementing your #GivingTuesday campaigns.  As a member of the Nonprofit Utopia community, you are more than welcome to post questions and comments and share strategies and you are using to ensure your success. You can even post […]

Build the Backdrop for Your #GivingTuesday Story by Refining Your Community Needs Assessment Skills

The Nonprofit Utopia community will be hosting 2 free webinars to help nonprofit professionals strengthen their community assessment skills.  Facilitated by Valerie F. Leonard, the community’s founder, the webinars will provide an overview of the community assessment process and help participants demonstrate need, even in communities that seem to be over-resourced. Continue reading…