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Palabra Pura

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Our monthly bilingual poetry night. Curated by Irasema Gonzalez and featuring Xanath Caraza.

Palabra Pura promotes literary expression in more than one tongue through a monthly bilingual poetry reading featuring Chicano and Latino artists. With an aim to foster dialogue through literature in Chicago and beyond, each evening pairs a local poet with a visiting writer along with an open mic to engage the interaction of diverse voices, ideas, and aesthetics. The readings are held the third Wednesday of every month.

Palabra Pura is presented in partnership with Letras Latinas of the Institute for Latino Studies at the University of Notre Dame and the Rafael Cintron Ortiz Cultural Center at the University of Illinois at Chicago. This series is also supported by the paper contratiempo, as well as grants from the Joyce Foundation and NEA.

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Palabra Pura

2726 W. Division, La Bruquena- 2nd floor
Chicago, IL 606

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