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17th Annual Fiesta Boricua de Bandera a Bandera

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Join us for the 17th annual Fiesta Boricua to be held between the giant steel Puerto Rican flags that bookmark Division Street on Sunday, September 5, 2010! 

This festival has become synonymous with Paseo Boricua and all that this area offers to our community. Fiesta Boricua celebrates the best of Puerto Rican talent and musical culture, just as Paseo Boricua makes visible a permanent corridor through the heart of Chicago’s Puerto Rican community. “De Bandera a Bandera” (From Flag to Flag) is the slogan which the organizers have chosen for this cultural encounter on Division Street.

This annual celebration, which was initiated in 1993, draws over 250,000 people, and showcases the diversity of Puerto Rican musical expression, from plena and bomba to Salsa and merengüe, from rock en Español to Latino rap, from the trova to Mapeye. Fiesta Boricua has featured legendary Puerto Rican musical figures including Willie Colón, Pappo Lucca, Michael Stuart, Victor Manuelle, Jessica, Andy Montañez, El Topo, Andrés Jiménez, la Sonora Ponceña, Larry Harlow, Roberto Rohena, Roy Brown and Yomo Toro. In addition to the rich musical experience, Fiesta Boricua provides a day of total immersion into Puerto Rican culture – from food to artisanry, from art exhibits to children’s entertainment. For more information, please contact Raul Echevarria, Deputy Director at 773/278-6751 or by email at


17th Annual Fiesta Boricua de Bandera a Bandera

2700 W Division Street
Chicago, IL 60622

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